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Questions on import of new RSA SecurID tokens

Question asked by Michael Watson on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by Edward Davis

I recently received our order for the 250 RSA tokens we recently purchased (Existing Serial Number <redacted>, New Sales Order\Contract Number <redacted>). I have completed the steps to download the DecryptCodes zip file. As I am going to use the RSA product on an Isolated, non internet connected environment, do I need to insert the RSA CD on my internet connected computer to complete the final steps or do I need to insert the RSA CD in a CD drive that is in the Isolated, non internet connected environment.


In addition, on the same Isolated, non internet connected environment how can I clear the existing defunct RSA database (or do I need to be concerned) and only have the new token information? Upon importing the new information will it overwrite the old database or with the new data or will the new RSA data be mixed with the old RSA database files.


Thank you,

Michael Watson