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Wildcards in Rule Conditions - Role Enforcement

Question asked by Ryan Christopher on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by Craig Ramsay



We are creating a role enforcement rule for a few new business roles we created.  The roles all follow the same naming convention, and for future scalability we want to avoid having to manually add new roles to these enforcement rules where possible.


With that said, we have been unsuccessful when using wildcards with the role attribute condition.  Is there a method that anyone is aware of that would allow us to avoid manually adding roles to these role enforcement rules?


The names of the roles follow the pattern below:




Using a set of selection conditions like the below screenshot, or even a single condition using the string above, fails to identify roles.



I don't see any way to apply the enforcement rule to all roles in a role set either.


We are on 7.1.1 P5