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How to filter accounts based on an attribute if multiple accounts available in an application/Directory

Question asked by Durga Revanth T on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by Durga Revanth T

Hi All,


I am using Application/Directory form for the access request.


Problem Statement:

  •  I have multiple accounts for the user available in an application /Directory.
  •  I want to show only specific accounts to the user who request access to the selected application.
    • Account type
      • Service Account
      • Privileged Account
      • LAN ID 

Now i want to display only LAN id for the access request and both service account and privileged account must not be displayed or to be masked for the user to select in the account selection page .


Is there any way to filter the multiple account selection wizard based on the attribute .