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Pandemic Response Dashboards Package

Discussion created by Frank Schubert on Apr 28, 2020
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RSA IGL Version: V7.2

Modules: Governance

Product Area: Dashboards

Time to apply: ~90 mins

The below functionality gets discussed and demoed in the RSA IGL Webinar tomorrow.

Dashboards are a superb way to start interacting with users. The functionalities provided can go beyond what are considered the classic use-cases of IAM/IAG. This is one of them.



This dashboard package offers the following features and benefits:

  • The promotion of facemasks as an effective counter-measurement
  • The controlled re-establishment of in-person health-sensitive contact of the workforce
  • Enabling the quick exchange of person-to-person help offers




Pandemic Response Dashboards #1 - Promotion of Facemasks 

Pandemic Response Dashboards #2 - Health Certificate Handling 

Pandemic Response Dashboards #3 - Enabling the exchange of help 


How to obtain:

We are providing the needed components and definitions free of charge to everyone that requests them via or by replying to me via RSA Link.

Please note: We do not implement those components in your environment. This will be your responsibility. We also don't guarentee their functionality and take no responsibility regarding their performance. We strongly advice to first implement in your development environment and then follow your standard go-live procedure.

If you need help implementing, we can offer additional services.

This is not an official RSA product or service and is not supported by RSA.



We would love to see how you have implemented this dashboard, please comment below.

For suggestions please also let us know your ideas below.