Benjamin Desjardins

Is organizational response to pandemic happening in 'Phases'?

Discussion created by Benjamin Desjardins Employee on Apr 30, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I published a blog post titledTips for Applying the Known in a Time of Uncertainty proposing that there are four phases of organizational response to the current pandemic crisis. In a nutshell, they involve containing the spread of the virus (largely completed by most), sustaining business operations as best possible, assessing the many risks posed by the steps taken in the first two phases, and finally adapting to the future ahead as that comes into clearer view.


Since publishing the blog I’ve had numerous conversations with customers, colleagues, industry analysts, etc that reinforce a lot of these concepts. I’ve also seen reinforcement for the idea that well-established principles of crisis response and business continuity (e.g., ISO 22301) are supporting response through a “PDCA” cycle within each phase.


I’m very curious about and anxious for more feedback on these concepts and invite you to join the conversation. . . is you organization applying PDCA or a similar model in your response? Do the ideas of the 4 phases reflected in the blog align with what you’re seeing? If so, which phase do you feel most organizations are currently experiencing?