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Slowness in our massive new token affiliation service

Question asked by Ronald Hernandez Sobrino on Apr 30, 2020
Latest reply on May 1, 2020 by Edward Davis

Dear Community, through our Android app we are performing the disaffiliation and affiliation of massive softoken of our clients, this was done to embed the TOKEN OTP in our application, when a client initiates session in the APP and makes a query and this returns that the client uses a softoken with the RSA application so our service deactivates that token and affiliates a new softoken embedded in our Android APP.


* Affiliation / disaffiliation is done through URL (under the corresponding username and password) that is specified within the solution SDK

There are busy hours in which the RSA response has delays, generating contention in our components and queuing with other requests.


We were seeing some configuration to determine why the queues are queuing and because the service is slow, I ask for your help to determine the cause.


Product: RSA Authentication Manager
Version:  8.1 SP 1 P 11