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SSH-Keypair Connector Configuration

Question asked by Kenny Ryder Employee on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Ahmed Nofal

A customer I am currently working with is very keen on using secure connections between services. With this in mind I am l'm looking to deploy with SSH-keypair Connector to execute powershell scripts for the purpose of enabling Exchange mailboxes. My assumption being this is more secure than the Generic SSH connector and would not have required a userId\password combo, however it does.


The Connector & Collector Application Guides page doesn't have any specific information on it's configuration, nor can I find details on specific use cases for which this connector would be best suited. It seems to be new to v7.2.


Does anyone have a guide or more information on each of the configuration options. Specifically what is the purpose of the logon Id and password, and the purpose of the private key? Typically where and how would you get this key?


My initial thoughts were the key was to enable authentication of the connection with the user Id and password required to execute the script.


Any guidance or documentation which would help me configure this correctly would a big help. I have the Generic SSH connector running as I would expect, but want to use the SSH-Keypair connector.