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Options for softtoken distribution to iOS iPhone

Question asked by Michiel Simon on May 11, 2020
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I'm looking to find the easiest way to distribute a softtoken to an iPhone user. Does anyone know? I'd prefer the QR code but I think that's only available via the Self Service portal (which is not an option for us as the iPhones are off the network and cannot connect to the LAN).


I know of several methods but each seems to have its own downside:


  • Creating QR code with the TokenConverter.jar file
    Cumbersome process involving Java etc; some Helpdesk employees find the command line too difficult or don't have Java installed so can't use the util. Are there easier/better ways to create/issue QR codes?

  • Emailing the SDTID file
    This trick doesn't seem to work (anymore) for iPhone users; the file arrives OK but cannot be "opened with RSA app". This used to work fine but stopped a while ago; does anyone if/when this will be fixed? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Emailing a CTF link
    This works OK, but it's not a clickable hyperlink in the iOS Outlook or Gmail app so users have to manually copy/paste the link into the RSA app. WhatsApp does format it as a clickable hyperlink but we can't use that for end-user distrubution. Any way to make these links clickable/accessible through email?!


How are others dealing with these issues? Am I overlooking the obvious here or is everyone using a Self Service portal with internet access? Is it not possible to have the Self Service portal generate the same QR codes as when using the TokenConverter.jar file (so that they can be opened without direct access to the SS portal)?