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Entitlements Held By users Should Display At The Top

Question asked by Rajkiran Paul on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy



Suppose in a scenario , Any particular application is heaving 10000 entitlements( Ent1 to Ent10000 ). Those entitlements we are displaying on the entitlement request form using the below configuration.




my question is , when user A is accessing the entitlement request form  and selecting ent1 from page 1,ent50 from page 50 ,ent1000 from page 1000.  how can we display "ent1,ent50,ent1000" at the top of the page of entitlements table before submission? 

after selection of ent1,ent50,ent1000  should display at the top . other wise ,if anybody wants to review the selection before submission he must have to go again page no 1,page no 50 ,page no 1000 which is a time taking job.Kindly help.