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Port 22 not communicating between Netwitness Head and VLC ?

Question asked by Devaraj Mohan on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Aaron Martin

Hi Team,

As per RSA firewall requirements the port 22 need to be open between Netwitness Head and VLC we facing issue in that. Please find the details below.


1) Our VLC is in remote location and Public IP NAT done in firewall level for Both VLC and Netwitness Head.


2) While trying to curl -v <VLC IP>:22 we getting connection timed out we have checked and done troubleshooting in firewall level with help our network team and they said configuration is fine in firewall level and Network team suggesting us to chcek in host level. So we checked all the services and all ports are communicating fine except port 22.


Kindly suggest on this how we proceed further. 


Note - We haven't done any IpTables level/Host level NAT configuration.