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RSA CAS - Office365 SAML integration (2 domains)

Question asked by mauricio perez on May 25, 2020
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In the context of integration with office365 (Azure connect sync), I have the following question: (RSA CAS - SSO agent)


- When I prepare the scenario for the configuration for integration with o365, that is, I enable the protected domain name, I enable SSO Agent on the cluster that contains my IDRs, I enable DNS for HA of my IDRs and when creating my APP with office365, my Identity Provider URL is the name of the cluster, here is my question. "This cluster URL, should I publish it in my external dns? Or is it linked between office 365 and IDR from my APP (Ldp) config and I confirmed it through power shell in office365 (SP) ???"


- If so, I have 2 domains, I would have to generate two configurations in my list of applications for office365 SAML, one for each domain, therefore I would have 2 Idp URLs. My question for this point is, on the server with the azure agent connect sync, can I configure 2 domains?


$ certData = [system.convert] :: tobase64string ($ cert.rawdata)
$ domain = <your_domain> ---------> ????
$ cloudURL = <RSA IdP URL>


Thank you!