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Triggering Javascript Form Control When Entitlement Action is Selected

Question asked by Kevin Fitzgerald on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by Jesvin Joseph



We have some applications that are accessed through Citrix.  These applications have their own internal entitlements, which we have created a request form to manage.  Access to the Citrix application is managed through an Active Directory group. My goal is to make the request form function by automatically adding a user to to the Citrix AD group whenever the request access to the application.  Similarly, I would like to automatically remove the Citrix AD group whenever all internal application entitlements have been removed from a user. 


Initially, I looked at the rules module to handle this, but I haven't found a rule type that essentially says "only people with access to this application can be in that AD group".  After that, I was able to write a Javascript form control that basically reads the text of an "Entitlement Table with Action" control on the form, and uses the text to determine if a users access is being removed or added.  This should work my needs in theory, but I haven't found a good way to trigger the Javascript control.  My code is:

    //HTML ID of the Entitlement Table with Actions that removes the AD group
    var htmlTableId = "_187_remove_ents_ActionEntTable";

    //Length of the table.  For a user with no entitlements, the lengths is 1.
    var tableLength = document.getElementById(htmlTableId.concat("_content")).rows.length;
    //Loop through each row, to determine if any entitlements are not being removed
    for (var i = 1; i <= tableLength; ++i){
        //Parse the text of each row
        var rowId = document.getElementById(htmlTableId.concat("_",i,"_Row")).getAttribute("rowid").split("_");
        var rowInnerHtml = document.getElementById("_ItemType_CRRawEntitlement_ItemID_".concat(rowId[Id.length - 1],"_TEXT")).innerHTML.split(";")
        actionType = rowInnerHtml[Math.ceil(rowInnerHtml.length/2)-1].split('&')[0]

        //If any entitlements are not being removed, disable then hidden entitlement table that removes the AD group.
        if (tableLength > 1 && actionType == "Remove") {
            removeADGroup.value = "disabled"


The problem I'm encountering is that when the second argument for avform.registerExprSub is set to an Entitlement Table with Actions, the Javascript is not triggered whenever an action is seletected or deselected.  Does anyone know of a way to trigger Javascript to run when actions are select on an Entitlement Table with Actions?  Or does anyone know of a better way to accomplish my goal of automatically adding/removing these secondary type entitlements?