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SAN Mapping with Concentrator or log decoder

Question asked by Rajveer Singh on Jun 3, 2020

Hello Guys,


I am in a situation where i need to map SAN storage with concentrator and log decoder. So, I have gone through the storage guide (rsa_nw_11.x), but i didn't get much and my query is still the same, how to mapp SAN disk to appliances directories?


Okay, here is the scenario: we need to map 10 TB SAN with Concentrator, 10 TB with Log decoder(SAN size 10 TB). So we discussed with storage team to provide the storage on these devices and they aligned storage by creating LUN id's. 



Now, we can see multiple disk of size 2 TB are available (when we run command lsblk -l in concentrator or LD attached is the screenshot for your reference).

Here, i need help to get these disk in use or mapped with log decoder or concentrator, so we can use the storage. Can someone please share the steps which i need to follow from here?


RSA Admin