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Update - Component Web Tier

Question asked by Jaime Gonzalez on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by Steven Spicer

Good afternoon, I have a question about the documentation and the Web Tiers component.


I have a basic implementation of two servers. I have 1 teacher and 1 replica and 1 web level. When I upgrade my RSA servers, my web tier also appears in the "Upgrade" of Operations Console, but in the documentation it says I must reinstall the web tier package if I am going to upgrade.


My first query is: What is the recommendation that I should follow, do I have to reinstall or is it okay to update it from Operations Console?


Note: The problem of reinstalling it in my experience, the components are very restless with the version of the operating system, for example, if I have a rhel 7.6 operating system with component 10 of the Web Tier component, it works, but if I install patch 13 it would throw an error because the platform is not supported (supports RHEL 7.7). How can this be resolved or handled?