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Bulk Token distribution based upon specific s/n token list

Question asked by Diego Pozzi on Jun 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2021 by Raja S

Hi I'm Diego, from Italy,

actually not network administrator of our system but I have access to the RSA console.


Currently we are migrating our phones in bulk and need to distribute the tokens for our users.

We have to distribute one token at time from the RSA console, searching the s/n or the user surname and then proceeding to distribute. Unfortunately we have more than 5000 users to distribute and they comes in random order so the token are random and not in crescent or decrescent scale.


I've found the bulk distribution seed based:


bulk distribution on console


In this distribution procedure we can set up some parameters but there is no way to pass the exact token list via *.csv or somehow else.



the only option is ranges, but we prefer to avoid the random ranges because for examples the tokens I have to distribute next monday, and they are 76, have a range of 4207 tokens betweens them!

During our test we verified that when an iOS token is distributed, if it is still active on phone it still works (if it was previusly activated) and there is no problem doing that, if our user will change the phone will be able to import the token otherwise the distribution time will naturally ends 7 days later. But usually we proceed a token at time. We are all in smartworking due the covid-19 Emergency and the idea that all our users may be unable to connect due the massive token failure on our phones is stopping us to use this bulk distribution way and literally we are doing a non sense work distributing one tokens at once. There is absolutely no way to pass to the console a *.csv with the exact list of tokens we need do distribute?



Thanks for your attention