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Selecting distinct roles

Question asked by Neha Singh on Jun 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Neha Singh

I have configured a cache DB based application in IGL through custom connection. I have deployed the driver and did connection, which worked. Although, when I am collecting entitlements in EDC, I am getting error when using distinct keyword in query. The entitlements look complex as you see in below screenshot which I am guessing is the reason. The exception in query test page is below. Please let me know how can i fix this error.

FYI: It works fine without distinct keyword but that will reject if two or more users have access to same entitlements.

This statement type might not be supported, or it has syntax errors: java.sql.SQLException: [SQLCODE: <-400>:] [Cache Error: <%0AmBk1+6^%sqlcq.pSYS.cls36.1 ^||%t(1,"   %ALL  %DB_%DEFAULT  %DB_CACHEAUDIT  %DB_CACHELIB  %DB_CACHES>] [Location: ] [%msg: %0AmBk1+6^%sqlcq.pSYS.cls36.1 ^||%t(1,"   %ALL  %DB_%DEFAULT  %DB_CACHEAUDIT  %DB_CACHELIB  %DB_CACHES>]