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RSA Web Tier

Question asked by Amit Sharma on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Steven Spicer

Hi Guyz,


I have few queries regarding Webtier deployment as below:

  1. The Virtual host & Webtier hostname will be the self service URL that will be published over Internet?
  2. My network has 1 Primary instance & 4 Replica instance & want to deploy webtier, I have created 2 webtier on windows server, can we use the same Webtier packge from AM to all webtier servers?
  3. do we need to generate a new webtier package from autentication manager or we can use the same one package on all  webtiers?
  4. I want to Load balance my self service traffic from internet between two webtier servers for this we will be using a dedicated third party Load balancer, so the load balancer IP in authentication manager will be my LB VIP right?