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Is there a way to include Review Comments in the Detail Line of a Review?

Question asked by Mark Deaton on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by Ian Staines

We are converting to the new Review Interface.  To duplicate the Legacy Review process, where our Security Team performed the review and made 'Revoke/Maintain Recommendations' before the Supervisor/Owner performed their review, we've created Multi-Step Reviews.  That process is working just fine and we're able to add our Comments to the recommended "Revoke" entitlements as required by the system.  But when the Supervisor/Owner performs Step2 of the Review, they've have to perform 3 clicks on each "Previous Step Revoked" entitlements to see our Comments.


With the Legacy Interface we had the "StickyNote" icon that you could hover over and see the Comments.  It was faded if there weren't any Comments and "Yellow" if a Comment existed.  Ultimately, I'd like to see the "StickyNote" icon added back for Multi-Step Reviews.  But is there a way I can add the Comments field to the detail view of the review and save a few clicks?