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Get a listing of which agents had authentications in some time frame.

Question asked by Michael Folsom on Jul 10, 2020

Hi - I'm running RSA AM 8.4.X and would like to get a listing on a daily or weekly basis of which systems had successful/unsuccessful authentications during the last day or week.  Here I'm not as concerned about the user as I am which systems have agents that are installed and trying to function.


I have looked at the reports and found 2 that address the area - "List all Installed Agents" and "List all Authentication Agent Records".  When I run the former report there are several fields that are empty and I'm wondering how to populate those fields?  I have looked at the Agent's dashboard and none of the missing info is gathered there. I would like to have the following info included:

Hostname ( I know it includes Agent Name so this isn't a biggie - )

Version (I'd like to include the version of the agent)

Platform (Here I'd like to add Linux or Windows)


Anybody have a clue how to add this to the system so it gets included in the report?


Thanks -