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RSA AM8 + FW Palo Alto - Global Protect (on-premises)

Question asked by Giuseppe Dispinzeri on Jul 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by Ted Barbour

Hello together,

I have a question regarding RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 and a Palo Alto Firewall regarding 2-FA.

We have an RSA AM8 (on-premises) and we want protect our vpn (Palo Alto Global Protect Client) with both LDAP and RADIUS authetication (Firstly, ldap query and Secondly, Tokencode with radius query ). I don't find any document which indicate how we can configure our Palo Alto regarding my request.

Have someone a quick guide (example an Link) which we can use ?

Many thanks in advance

RSA Cloud we don't want use.

Kind regards