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RSA Agent for Windows Odd Override IP Behavior

Question asked by Daniel Robinson on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Daniel Robinson

Is RSA Support aware of the following: 

Oddity discovered setting the IP value for the RSA Agent Client’s RSA Override IP address:

Initially, the octet fields leave leading zeroes in them when tabbing or clicking through each IP octet field.  Do NOT leave the leading zeroes for one-digit and two-digit IP address octets you are adding/editing for the RSA Agent’s Override IP Address.  If you leave the leading zeroes in there and are wanting IP octet values between 8 and 99, they either will be translated into a different octet value and saved, or produce an error.  Example: using as the Override IP you want, editing through the fields, the undesired result may look like this:  The app will then take the numbers with the unnecessary leading zeroes and save it as (a totally different IP), and if not caught, may result in being unable to authenticate afterwards.

For anyone’s curiosity, from what I can tell:

Example IP:
                Where x = 0,
                Where y < 8,
                Where z < 8,
Resultant misconfigured octet will become the value: “8y + z”. 
Otherwise, undefined for x = 0 and not accepted at all.
Note, interestingly enough, based on the formula above, octet “xyz” values for 0 thru 7 with leading zeroes (000 thru 007) remain unchanged after going through the formula, thus not a problem.


Anyone else have this happen?  Could RSA make a change so that, perhaps, the whole field gets highlighted, thus clearing the field of the zeroes when tabbing through and typing new numbers?