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RSA SecureID v5 shows an empty list of devices

Question asked by Anatoliy Vetrintsev on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Steven Spicer

Good day,


We use RSA SecurID v5.

When moving from personal computers to remote desktops and a terminal server, the application refuses to work normally:


The first launch - select the key, everything works. After completing the session in Windows and reconnecting the RSA SecureID shows an empty list of "Select the device where the token will be stored".
When you try to re-import the file with the key, it shows the same window.


We use Citrix:
- several servers are running,
- when connecting a new user, the optimal load server is selected,
- Drive C (system drive) - locked for user access,
- The registry branch HKCU and user files migrate with the user.


What do we need to do to make the application work? We can not use the product.


I'm sorry, I use a translator so the translation may look strange