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Possible to have Users where 'User ID' is null/blank?

Question asked by Justin Gregory on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by Justin Gregory

Is it possible to have a User(s) in the User's table without an EMPLID (User ID)??  Asking for a friend...


Background:  @We have to switch over to a new HR identity source with a new set of EMPLID numbers...but the new system of record is storing the old EMPLID as LEGACYID.  We'd like (to keep from having duplicate user entries) to continue using the LEGACYID as the linkage to heartbeats...but new employees will not have/receive a new LEGACYID, therefore there would be no value for the UserID.


Is this possible?  Or are we just going to have to live with the duplicated (and deleted and terminated from the old list) Users?

In my humble opinion, it's absolutely silly to have to live with "deleted" users in your users table, if the "deleted" is invalid.