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Migrating Tokens With or Without Users

Question asked by Walid Abdallah on Jul 23, 2020
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Hello, can you please clarify the below:


1- We want to migrate between deployments. We have our Identity sources set up, and user from LDAP are already on the new deployment. If we migrate only tokens, will they be assigned to their respective users on the new deployment? Or if we migrate users with tokens, will that replace the user with no token on the target deployment with the imported one and the token?

2- Since token profiles are not imported, how does that affect users after the import. For ex if a user has a new mobile, can we still update the binding ID and redistribute, given that we don't use self-service and manage all users from the Security Console?

3- For authentication manager upgrades, the replica appliance has no option to take a backup, so does the primary appliance's backup work on the replica?

4- I just want to confirm that TLS 1.0/1.1 are still supported in 8.4, as according to the article below 1.2 is used by default but older versions are still supported.

Enable Strict TLS Mode 


Thank you for your time.