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Identify performance issues virtual appliance 11.4

Question asked by Jeremy Kerwin on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Josh Randall

We operate a fully virtual NW deployment on 11.4. It consists of a number of virtual machines on vSphere hypervisors on Dell R730 (soon to be R740) servers. The backend storage is Fibre storage fabric to a NetApp backend. The Dell hypervisors have SSDs for the Concentrator index DBs.


Lately, I've been concerned that there could be performance bottlenecks with all the different components and I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions, perhaps scripts that could help to identify these bottlenecks, I'm sure the RSA folks have dealt with this sort of thing and have developed a number of tricks to make this process easier to diagnose.


This doesn't require a call logged to support because there isn't specific wrong, it's a gut feeling I have so I'd like to do what I can on my own before going down that road.