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Unification Join during identity collection

Question asked by Pankaj Rana on Aug 1, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2020 by Craig Ramsay

Hello everone,


I have 2 directory to create uses into RSA HRMS and AD. in AD users have different logic for sAMaccountName (due to migrated users from other company)

HRMS for Employee creation and AD for Vendor creation.


I have created different ID to store different userID in the RSA e.g. User ID, Login ID. Also I have done below mapping in the unification for join.


For example in RSA one user has user ID is like RS12345AD and login ID is 12345 and in AD user sAMAccoutname (mapped to user ID in collector) is like 12345


When I collect identities using below join, it is creating new user in RSA, Kindly let me know if I am missing anything.


And is it possible to have multiple join criteria for one collector ?


Note: When I use only 1 join criteria HRMS_IDC.Loign ID = AD Attribute IDC.User Id, it works