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Form to create an account: SSH and AFX

Question asked by Shanelle Blake on Aug 3, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Shanelle Blake

I created an ssh connector connected to a Linux endpoint as application.

It is called "Identity Services" and it just create accounts directly on that Linux server.
The connector works well: I did the tests and the user is created regularly, setting the name and password correctly.


This is the SSH connector


and the Command perform the useradd taking the Account Field and the Password.


The problem arises when I create a button, linked to a form.
This is the button:




and it points to this Request Form:



this is the field in the form:





When an user pushs that button, the form asks correctly to insert a Password (as configured).

Then it goes to the Workflow flow (Supervisor) for the Approval Phase.

After the Approval Phase, it fires the "Default AFX Fullfillment".  The AFX is not handling automatically the request and it goes through a manual fullfillment to be manually executed by AveksaAdmin.



and If a login as AveksaAdmin I can see:





The application is correctly linked to the connector


I have also create the account template:






What I'm missing?