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Expired certificate sdadmind service

Question asked by Robert Sturtevant on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2020 by Robert Sturtevant

A vulnerability Scan of our Authentication Manager appliance is reporting an expired SSL certificate that is part of a chain bound to the sdadmind service on TCP port 5550. The finding gave me some detail on the certificate saying the subject is CN=Security Dynamics Technologies Inc, and the Primary CA Root 1 expired in 2017. I cannot find a reference to this cert anywhere in the certificates section of the Operations Console. I opened a ticket with support on this but never got anywhere. They gave me some links to examine the certificate stores through SSH, but I could not find the certificate in question. They ultimately advised me to update to the latest patch, which I did, but that did not resolve the issue.


Can anyone tell me what the sdadmind service is and if there would be an SSL cert bound to it? I need to identify this cert so that I can remove it or replace it with something valid. I have two replica instances setup, and scans of all three appliances are reporting the same thing.