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RSA AM 8.5 not usable

Question asked by David Pala on Aug 21, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2020 by Jay Guillette

Hi Folks !

While qualifying & testing the new 8.5 release of RSA AM, I noticed something that seems to be a bug, and leading the Security Console not usable anymore for editing user accounts.

Why ?
Because there is no checkbox to "enable" the password authentication for a user.
Most problematic : the users are NOT configured with passwords in our deployment, so how could I now (in 8.5 version) make some renaming or adding comments, WITHOUT setting a password for the user ?! => IMPOSSIBLE


Viewing a user in AM 8.5


Editing a user in AM 8.5


Creating a user in AM 8.5

This is a MAJOR regression for us and leads RSA AM solution to be not usable anymore.

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