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Zulu Time (UTC) Parsing with NLPT

Question asked by Maximiliano Cittadini on Aug 24, 2020

Hi Community, I'm currently working on a custom parser for a customer and I realize the time date of the event is provied in Zulu format. I need to know how to properly parse it, because there is nothing documented on the NLPT User Guide about that kind of date format.


Here is an example of the logs:


2020-08-20T11:41:04Z Agent Desc: "",Agent ID: "PBPS",Agent Ver: "",Category: "System",Source Host: "host1",Event Desc: "System",Event Name: "Administrators",OS: "",Event Severity: "0",Source IP: "",Event Subject: "",Event Type: "0",User: "someadmin",Workgroup Desc: "",Workgroup ID: "",Workgroup Location: "",bt_Category: "System",LogID: "302506",Details: "some text here",UserName: "someadmin",RoleUsed: "Administrators",ObjectTypeID: "9",ObjectType: "Password",ObjectID: "55280",Operation: "Retrieve",Target: "",UserID: "1",IPAddress: ""