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Getting Method Not Allowed on API authn initialize POST...

Question asked by Curtis Strain on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Jonovan Boutte

I'm just starting to work with the SecurId Authentication API.  I've successfully imported the yaml definition file into Postman for an API client. I'm calling to our hosted Cloud Authentication Service: <org>


An apiKey has been generated and I've set it on the client-key request header.  I believe the key to be correct, when I purposely set an incorrect key, I rightfully get a 403 response.


The issue is I'm getting back a 405 response with a message: Request method 'GET' not supported


This is odd since the request is definitely a POST. Does anyone know what the issue could be?  Additional details of the request:


URL: <org>


"subjectName": "{{userId}}",
"context": {
"messageId": "test123",
"authnAttemptId": "",
"inResponseTo": ""
"keepAttempt": false


Response Body:

"timestamp": "2020-08-26T16:06:14.294+0000",
"status": 405,
"error": "Method Not Allowed",
"message": "Request method 'GET' not supported",
"path": "/mfa/v1_1/authn/initialize"