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Workflow hangs when accessing via an Load Balancer

Question asked by Anil Allaparthi on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

We have recently migrated IGL from WebSphere to WildFly application Server and testing is in progress. The current configuration is having load balancer (F5) in front of webservers & Application server. We are repurposing existing front end load balancer to use with WildFly.


Deployment as below

1. f5 load balancer
2. Two apache web servers/reverse proxy (mod_proxy_http)
3. RSA IGL in WildFly Cluster ( not an appliance)


SSL offloading is happening at F5 and communication between web server and IGL is all http.
    (https)               (http)
F5 -------> Apache -------> RSA IGL


The redirection is working as desired, we are able to access IGL and navigate around without any issues however we are not able to open/edit any of the Workflows.

Workflow hangs and the browser shows the Mixed content error.

Similar issue and workaround is provided for WebSphere (,



any suggestions?