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Portal Multi-Factor Policy to Allow Multiple Rule-Sets

Question asked by BIlly Stanfield on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by BIlly Stanfield

Portal Multi-Factor Policy Enhancements 

Currently in our version of CAS, IDR Software Version:, the Portal Multi-Factor policy (System Policy) does not allow for multiple rule sets and the only Target Audience is All Authenticated Users.  


We have a process where enrolling into our MDM, user would need to access the MDM via a non-trusted network.  If there was the ability to Target these one-off via AD group, users to allow MFA Bypass during the MDM enrollment and remove them post enrollment would be ideal for the organization.


Currently I see no other way either by leveraging ODA, which often these are new user with no ODA enrollment of the Emergency Token feature.


Is there a configurable way to bypass the MFA for the enrollment as the Portal MFA policy overrides the Application policy which does allow for this workflow.