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Prevent non-Requestable Entitlements and Apps from Being Added to a Role

Question asked by Chris Pope on Sep 10, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Chris Pope

We are on 7.1.1 P05 HF01.


We would like to prevent Roles from containing Entitlements which 1) Belong to an Application that has Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions set to "Yes" or 2) The Entitlement itself has Available for Request set to "No".


The only way we can see to do this is to have an Entitlement Rule created on the Role Set.  Unfortunately, the available Columns do not include either of the two mentioned above...which is simply astounding to me.  We tried using the "Advanced" option to create criteria to exclude the non-Requestable Entitlements but again, there is no way to uniquely identify an Entitlement from the available columns.


This is the SQL that we used as a model for the criteria, but as I said there is no column available to uniquely identify the Entitlement (such as ID):

select uents.ID
from avuser.V_ALL_UNIFIED_ENTITLEMENTS uents where uents.EXCLUDE_FROM_NORMAL_ADD_ACCESS = 'N' and uents.CANREQUEST = '1'


Has anyone else successfully excluded non-Requestable Entitlements from being added to a Role?


Thank you in advance.