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How to show entitlements based on the requester  who is part of the Role

Question asked by Durga Revanth T on Sep 21, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2020 by Durga Revanth T

Hi ,


I have a Requirement few users are part of the Role  and while requesting entitlements/accesses for specific application i have to display some extra entitlements to the user who are requester part of the role .


use case 1

if user A part of the role 1 .

if user A logged in trying to request an access he must able to see additional entitlements xxx,yyy,zzz.


Use Case 2

if user B not part of the role 


if User B logged in trying to request an access he must not able to see additional entitlements.


I am currently using single entitlement table and when i try to use sql and its not working and throwing some error ?


is there any other way possible to know users are part of Role