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Breakglass options when IdP logon is enabled for the Cloud Administration Console

Question asked by Niels Klein on Sep 23, 2020



in the September 2020 release notes I noticed that IdP authentication was added for administrators logging on to the Cloud Administration Console. 

I configured and tested this in our test environment, and it works great (in my case through Azure SAML). 

But I was a little but hesitant to move to production because of the breakglass functionality. Because how can I logon when the federation is broken/down/expired cert/etc?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I couldn't find any local breakglass account option? Any help or guidance on this?


Ps, I tried logging on with the "old" existing local account(s) with username+password, but that doesn't seems to work anymore, which make sense because I enabled IdP authentication...