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Multi-Step Review Reminders

Question asked by William May on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by Dipendra Shrestha

In the use case of a multi-step review, I am trying to configure my reminders. This is an scheduled review, so looking to do so in the review definition.


The cadence I'm looking for is for step 1 to run 2 weeks, then step 2 is activated the day after step 1 is due. The first step 2 reminder should come 1 week from the start date of step 2 (3 weeks + 1 day from review generation date). 


However, when I run the review, I am seeing in the review result definition for step 2, the start date of my weekly reminder is set to the review generation date.


Is there a way to configure so that the reminder will not be sent until the week after step 2 activation?




7.2.0 P02