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offline document describing webservices

Question asked by Markus Calmius on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by Ian Staines



is there any documentation describing the webservices available?

I know there are information in RSA IG&L on the web-services tab, but that means we only have the information for the currently installed version. Also, if we want to integrate with a third party system we need to give that developer a lot more access then needed just to be able to read/learn how to use the webservices.


What web-services are available in 7.2.1?

Have they changed?

Is there a way to use getWorkItems for a specified user? That is, if we want to display the number of approvals in a different web application/company portal we would like to use a service account to call a web service with a parameter for the user.

Is that available in a release after 7.1.1 P04 which we're currently on?


 The getWorkItemsForUser command is used to get work items for the workItemType(approval or activity) specified as a parameter for the user specified by the token.