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WF stuck in semi-cancelled state

Question asked by Markus Calmius on Oct 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by Ian Staines



we have some weird workflow issues.

If we check Admin->Workflow->Monitoring we have close to 6000 changes waiting for verification for more than one month.


We only have 250 jobs in an active state, but two of them are in a created(!) state from 2018. The WF is empty but created. When I open the parent I see it belongs to a cancelled wf, but it's not completely cancelled:

So when I open the parent wf it is cancelled, but I cannot do anything. But it's not completely cancelled since it has Created children. 

When I open the 330 children-node, the one that is still being active (created) is not there. The ID of it is the missing one between these two:


How can I get really get this to be cancelled?

Any sql-tricks to get rid of them?




Continuing with the active jobs, I see the same behavior for completed WFs as well.

i.e. there are created jobs:

Which is stuck in the start position:


Opening the parent shows that it is Completed:


But it is still there, and I cannot do anything (from the GUI) to get rid of the child-wf.