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NVD_CVE data feed fault, documented URI no longer available

Question asked by Luis Medina on Oct 27, 2020

I have a Qualys Integration with Archer and have a datafeed to update NIST NVD_CVE from json file. 

Recently NVD_CVE datafeed stop working and get a fault status

NIST National Vulnerability DB Integration - RSA Archer Data Feed Package 


In page 17 mention a link to config Data Request URI to 
NIST National Vulnerability DB - RSA Archer Implementation Guide 


But this URL is no longer available on NIST data feeds site, if you try to download this documented file you get a 404 "not found" error.


On NIST site we could read about a new updated version of this file, the version 1.1 NVD - Data Feeds and have some changes over 1.0 version documented here NVD - JSON feed changelog 


Can I change 1.0 for 1.1 on the Data Request URI? to get this: 


Could this work on this datafeed?


Any comment or sugestion will be great appreciated.




Luis Medina