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RSA AM 8.4 Patch 14 ACAS Plugins

Question asked by Ned Kelley on Oct 28, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2020 by Piers Bowness

Hello RSA Support;


My name is Ned Kelley, I serve as an IT Contractor, Cyber Security Engineer/ Analyst supporting the USAF.


Question concerning our RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 (Patch # 14) / Secure ID Access # 416835052


We applied RSA AM 8.4 Patch 14 to our RSA Virtual Servers. Our ACAS scans popped two  new plugin findings:


Plugin 102094 - SSH Commands require privilege escalation

Plugin 110385 - Target Credential Issues by Authentication Protocol - Insufficient privileges?


We are using Nessus Security Center version 5.8.0. Wondering if this is normal or to be expected?



Thank you;