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Web Service - Request Forms and Workflows (no token), setting in 7.2.1

Question asked by Johan Arvidsson on Nov 5, 2020
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I noticed that ticket ACM-103573 (000038625 - Unable to make a successful Web Service API createChangeRequest call from a Workflow in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle ) A new user called System was created to be used for change request created through Web Service that had the setting required no token

was fixed in 7.2 P1 and in 7.1.1 P07. But I can't seem to find this issue fixed in 7.2.1 and cannot find it in the release notes for 7.2.1 P01 either.

Is this a miss or is there some other reason this fix hasn't been addressed/implemented in 7.2.1?

I assume the fix for ACM-103573 is also used to fixed similar problems that might occur for other web services such as userAttributeChange? (I assume this as I didn't experience this problem in 7.1.1 P09).

I have experienced this specific problem in one of my customers dev environment after upgrading to 7.2.1 from 7.1.1 when using the webservice userAttributeChange.

We are aiming to upgrade our production system to 7.2.1 fairly soon and we wouldn't like to loose this feature because then the upgrade would be considered a downgrade in some degree.

We have a workaround for this in the dev environment but would just like to know if this issue is indeed fixed in 7.2.1 or not?

If it is I will consider to raise a support case about it. But if it's not then I wonder when and in which patch is this ticket planned to implemented?