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Explanation for RSA AM SW Token Profiles for Desktop

Question asked by Kerstin Reiss on Nov 6, 2020
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I've a question about RSA AM 8.4 Software Token Profile. I can't find a meaningful documentation about the offered list of desktop Software Token Profile when i am in the <Add Software Token Profile> window, and when to use which of them.

The offered list contains following Profiles for Desktop:

Desktop PC 4.0 / Dekstop PC 4.x / Desktop PC 5.x / Desktop PC SID 64-bit 3.0.x / Desktop PC with Automation 4.x / Desktop PC with Automation 5.x / (Passcode) Desktop PC AES 128-bit 3.0.x / (Tokencode Only) Desktop PC AES 128-bit 3.0.x

So is there such a documentation where i can see which kind of Profile for Desktop is the appropriate to use, what's the difference between them, why are so many profiles for Desktop


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