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RSA DB Import / Export Command available?

Question asked by Jochen Hoffmann on Nov 18, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2020 by Jay Guillette

Hi All, 

beside our RSA AM 8.4 p14 PROD environment, we've got another one separated from PROD (the two Primary servers aren't able to "see" each other as there's dedicated networks). We like to have a possibility to export Tokens, Users and Token Assignments from PROD environment and to import that data to the second (QA) environment. Preferably by cron Job / command line. Til now, I wasn't able to find anything able to do that job.

And yes, I do know the manual export / import function and so backup & restore. We'd like to have it the automated way though and the database export / import will do the trick, in case we can automate it.  


Thanks in advance - cheers,