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Due Date not displaying correctly in workflow

Question asked by Nathan Hans on Dec 3, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2020 by Nathan Hans

I opened a support case, but am getting the cold shoulder, so I'm posting here. I'm wondering if this is a known bug and if there is a workaround.


When I look at a due date in the workflow the day, hour, minutes field are all 0(see screenshot) - even if I just set it to some value. In the other screenshot you'll see  the due date is 30 days from the request/task date, but the workflow still shows 0. I checked both Firefox and Chrome and both have the same issue.


Is this a known bug?

Either way, is there a workaround? Can I scrape the xml for the due date value - i'm auditing our due dates to make sure they are appropriate and obviously I can't do that without accurate info.


I appreciate any help.