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Account/Entitlement collection through cronjob for version 7.2

Question asked by Rajkiran Paul on Dec 7, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

Kindly let us know how can do Accounts/Entitlements collection through cronjob for RSA  L&G  version 7.2. In RSA  L&G  version 7.2 we must have to pass valid token for web service where as in previous RSA  L&G version(Example :7.0) no need to pass any valid token .

1. Please suggest us with command/Script how can we pass the valid token in the collectAccounts/collectEntitlements web service . do we need to update the script if token got expired ?

2. Is there any other way we can collect the Accounts/Entitlements without valid token using web service collection commands.

Please help .