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Opertional Risk Management (ORM) custom nodes have stopped working

Question asked by Naomi Eskira Employee on Dec 17, 2020

I have come across a very strange behavior, at my customer environment both custom nodes have stopped working, and I cannot make them work again.

More details:
• We have upgraded from 6.7 P3 to 6.9 SP1 a few days before the issue occur,  we aren’t sure it is related
• All other nodes in the AWF are still working 
• I have added a few changes in the layouts, new DDEs, cross-referenced fields and custom report object, not custom code
• In our other 6.7 P3, the nodes are working
• We have checked with OOTB 6.9 SP1 environment and it is working
• We have taken a package from our environment (assessment campaign) and installed it on the OOTB environment and it has stopped working
• We have tried to take a package from the working environment and it hasn't resolved our issue (we set the installation to override).


any idea, suggestion is welcome as this is an urgent.


thank you,