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Error when creating Audit Engagement

Question asked by Stella van Maanen on Dec 31, 2020



We have created an audit plan for the year 2021. From this audit plan I want to create a audit engagement. I am be able to chose " add new" provide the details for the engagement. But when I attempt to save this engagement I encounter an error message stating:


An unexpected error has occurred in the system.

The error Log Reference ID is: 122920-093531-9745. 


The reference ID varies day to day and with the different attempts. I am admin on the application and should have full access to the functionalities.

When I access the application server where RSA is hosted I am unable to locate the error Log. (I checked the various folders on the C drive of the server).


For this I have 2 questions:

1. What can I do/check to resolve this error?

2. Where can I find the logfiles generated by the system.