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Can we display entitlement(based on search ) in entitlement table similar to review

Question asked by Durga Revanth T on Jan 11, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2021 by Dipendra Shrestha

Hi All

I am looking for a solution where my entitlement value collected is more than 4 million data for a specific application and i have to get the value of each identifier for access request around 18k identifier . so while loading it takes too much of time . currently based on the identifier selection in entitlement table store  selected value in text field using java script. Based on the text field value i am loading another entitlement table  where it has 256 approle for each identifier but totally it has 4 million records that filtration takes time to load the entitlement table. 


Is there any way we can display the entitlement based on the search similar to review module . like wrap an unwrap the entitlement table so this can save some time and be a enhanced UI.