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Collect Group as AppRole from Active Directory

Question asked by Marta Benedetti on Jan 14, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2021 by Ian Staines

Hi community,


I need to collect account and entitlements for an Application.

This application is integrated with Active Directory and the access to it is given by group membership.

I'd like to collect AD groups as entitlements.

I've seen that there is the possibility to collect group as AppRole from entitlement collector, and the collection looks fine.

The problem is during provisioning, if I try to Add/Remove an AppRole (which is a group) I get this error from AFX:

AFX will not handle this item because the command 'RemoveAppRoleFromAccount(RemoveAppRoleFromAccount)' is not supported on endpoint 'Pulse Secure'


Maybe the problem is the EDC collector or the AFX capability are not well configured, can you suggest some kind of documentation?


Do you know if is it possible to collect and provision AD group as AppRole?


Thank you